1. 趣旨
  2. 権利の帰属
  3. 使用について
  4. 禁止事項
    • 本規約に反する行為
    • 写真の全部又は一部を問わず、商業・営利を目的とした利用
    • 公序良俗に反する内容を含む媒体への掲載
    • 他人の権利や財産、プライバシーなどを侵害するおそれのある媒体への掲載
    • 公的秩序に反する媒体への掲載・加工、被写体及び八幡平市のイメージを著しく損なう加工による使用
    • 会社や団体などのロゴ・マークとしての利用
    • 写真の二次配付を目的とした利用
    • ダウンロードなどした写真をフォトコンテストへ応募する行為
    • その他、八幡平市が不適切と判断する行為
  5. 免責事項
  6. 規約の改定について



  • 画像はjpeg・png形式のみ
  • 八幡平市内で撮影されたものに限ります。
  • 人物の顔が写真に写っている場合は、投稿者の責任でご本人の使用許可を得たうえでご投稿ください。
  • 著作権を保有している画像に限ります。
  1. 公序良俗に反するもの
  2. 法令又は条例等に違反するおそれのあるもの
  3. 八幡平市が適当でないと認めたもの
  4. 必要事項が記入されていないもの
  5. 画像規定が守られていないもの

Usage Agreement

Usage Agreement for Downloading Photos

This agreement defines usage conditions for all tourism and photographic materials (hereafter “photos”) posted on “8-Tabi.style.” Before using any of these photos, you must read it.

  1. Intent
    These photos are provided free of charge for the purposes of promoting tourism for Hachimantai City, conveying information about Hachimantai National Park and its myriad natural resources, and exhibiting the city’s scenery and natural wonders.
  2. Reservation of Rights
    The rights for all photos compiled on “8-Tabi.style” remain with either Hachimantai City or the 3rd Party who originally uploaded them. This holds for copyright law and privileges internationally.
  3. Regarding Usage
    While this agreement permits minimal edits and trims, all users are to refrain from making any changes to the photo that significantly alters it. Credit is not particularly required.
  4. Prohibited Usage
    The following usage scenarios are strictly prohibited:
    • Any conduct that contradicts what is written in this agreement.
    • Any usage of these photos (including only parts of crops of them) for commercial or business purposes.
    • Publication of these photos to any site or media that is publicly indecent.
    • Publication of these photos to any site or media that would risk infringing on the privacy or assets of others.
    • Any usage, editing or post-processing that illustrates Hachimantai City negatively or otherwise risks damaging its reputation.
    • Usage of these photos as a commercial, corporate or otherwise organizational logo, symbol, etc.
    • Any usage with the inherent goal of secondhand distribution of these photos.
    • Usage of these photos as entries in photo contests.
    • Any other conduct that is judged by Hachimantai City to be inappropriate.
  5. Exemption from Responsibility
    Hachimantai City takes no responsibility for any damages incurred by users who utilize the photos posted on “8-Tabi.style.” Furthermore, in the event that a user inflicts damages on a 3rd party, any legal or financial responsibilities shall fall solely on that user, and not on Hachimantai City.
  6. Modifications to this Agreement
    Hachimantai City reserves the right to alter or modify this agreement with or without users’ agreement, due to changes in law.

Uploading Photos

The photos uploaded on “8-Tabi.style” are collected for the purpose of broadly advertising Hachimantai City to people. By uploading a photo to “8-Tabi.style,” we ask that you understand you are doing so free of charge, and contributing to that purpose, free of charge.
The following conditions apply when uploading photos to “8-Tabi.style.” Please read them carefully before uploading.

  • Photos must be in either the jpeg or png file format.
  • Photos must have been taken within Hachimantai City.
  • Photos showing people’s faces can be uploaded only with those individuals’ express permission, and it is the responsibility of the uploader to obtain that permission.
  • Uploaders may only contribute photos that they possess the copyrights to.
The following are situations where we will be unable to publish your photo. We will not contact you with reasons for your photo being removed, so please read through these points carefully.
  1. Your photo or its subject matter is considered immoral or indecent.
  2. Your photo or its subject matter is considered to be or potentially be in conflict with laws and regulations.
  3. Your photo or its subject matter is viewed as not being concerned with Hachimantai City.
  4. Required information is not inputted along with the photo.
  5. Your photo does not follow stipulated guidelines.